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 Top Rated Suburbs to Rent Apartments in Philadelphia


By Joy Michelle


Like most major east coast cities, Philadelphia packs a lot of people, places, and things into a relatively small land mass. The 6th largest city in the United States, Philadelphia is a hub for the health and financial industries. People moving to the area should research the housing and neighborhoods they might be interested in before they arrive. Apartments are fairly plentiful; you’ll just need a list of Philadelphia apartment rentals to get you started on your search.


While Philly has much to offer, many people shy away from living right in city center. The top rated suburbs to rent apartments in Philadelphia may require a significant commute into the city, but they are close enough that you can still enjoy the city’s amenities. If you’re new to the area, you may find you’ll have better luck working with an agent. Just looking at a list of available apartments won’t help you determine the best place to live. An agent can help you sort through the listings to find the suburb right for you.


If you’re moving with a family, apartments in Philadelphia proper might not offer the school system you’re looking for; Malvern, Devon and Wayne are all in Tredyffrin Easttown School District-the second best school system in the nation. These are affluent to middle class neighborhoods with rents averaging $1,000 – $1,300 for a 2 bedroom apartment.

 Valley Forge, King of Prussia, and West Chester all have excellent school systems. These neighborhoods are considered middle-class and are newer than other parts of Philly. The apartment units in these neighborhoods ($1,200 – $1,500 for a 2 bedroom) tend to be more spread out and have more green space around them than those closer to the city. The downside of these areas is the commute. Downtown Philadelphia is about an hour away. Havertown is family friendly and a little more affordable than West Chester.

 If you’re seeking the very best of the Philadelphia apartments in the suburbs, take a look at Bala Cynwyd, Penn Valley, Bryn Mawr, or Villanova. These neighborhoods are all part of the old “Main Line” Pennsylvania. Apartments in these areas are very exclusive and you should be prepared to pay $3,000 – $6,000 for a 2 bedroom unit. Situated along the banks of the Schuylkill River, you’ll be close to golf and country clubs; enjoy upscale shopping at the Bala Cynwyd Mall with anchor stores like Saks and Lord and Taylor; and have access to some of the most famous and exclusive private schools in the country such as The Shipley School, Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy, and the Baldwin School.

If you’re moving to Philadelphia to attend school, some of the best universities and colleges in the country are located in or near Philly and the surrounding suburbs. Rutgers, Temple, Bryn Mawr, the University of Pennsylvania, Villanova, Swarthmore, and the Art Institute of Philadelphia all have campuses in the area. If being close to a particular campus is a top priority in your apartment location, be sure to mention that to your agent, or make it part of your online search criteria.

Joy Michelle is an Internet marketing consultant and enjoys helping people find great products on the Internet. Please visit my website to read more reviews and information related to Philadelphia Apartment Reviews []. View Philadelphia apartment listings complete with pictures, floor plans, pricing and more. Article Source:


Apartment Rental Prices in Philadelphia

By Joy Michelle 


Are you looking for an apartment in the “City of Brotherly Love”? If so, you may need a little guidance. Philadelphia is situated in the heart of New England; it was a gathering place for many of the great political minds of the 18th century. Men like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and George Washington met here to craft our constitution and strategize about breaking away from King George. The city has remained a political and financial leader in the nation and now has a population of nearly 6 million people. If you’re planning to move to the area, don’t let that number scare you. There are still apartments in Philadelphia.

 Depending on what you’re looking for, and the location you prefer, you’ll find that the rental prices in Philadelphia are very competitive with many of the larger cities along the east coast. Philadelphia apartment prices have been trending up over the last decade-3.15% for 1 bedrooms and 6.45% for 2 bedrooms-but they seem to be holding steady right now. The median rent in Philadelphia in 2009 was $932. That is comparable to Chicago ($944), and somewhat less than New York City ($1318) and Boston ($1353). If you’re coming from the Midwest, however, these prices probably seem high.

While reasonably priced apartments in Philadelphia are available, matching your neds to your budget can be a little challenging. You may want to engage the services of a real estate agent or a locator service to help you find just the right place for you. Agents can provide you with Philadelphia apartment listings, but since the list may be extensive, you’ll want to work with them to narrow down the possibilities to a manageable few to visit.

If you’re going to conduct your own search, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you’re trying to keep your rent low (under $1000), you may have to make some sacrifices. Apartments in this price range are often in less desirable neighborhoods, are older, and often lack some of the amenities you might really want. The Somerton ($795 for a 2 bedroom) is an example of a lower cost unit. It is close to public transportation and the highways, but there is a laundry room vs. an in apartment hook-up; parking is limited; there is no discernible security; and it is on a busy street.

 Moderately priced units like the Red Lion ($919 for a 2 bedroom near the arts district); The Museum Towers ($1200 – $1600 for a 2 bedroom high rise near Fairmont Park); and Chestnut Hill Village ($1100 near Germantown) are usually renovated buildings, but they have increased security are in more desirable neighborhoods, and have some amenities like pools and fitness rooms.

If you have a higher budget, top of the line units like The Residence at the Phoenix ($3,000 – $6,000 for a 2 bedroom) offer city living at its best. Apartments in this price range usually offer concierge services, maids, spas, saunas, whirlpools, indoor pools, and hair salons. Units are large-often more than 1600 square feet-and are fitted with high ceilings, crown molding, hardwood floors, and granite countertops.


 Joy Michelle is an Internet marketing consultant and enjoys helping people find great products on the Internet. Please visit my website to read more reviews and information related to Philadelphia Apartment Reviews []. View Philadelphia apartment listings complete with pictures, floor plans, pricing and more. Article Source:




Find Crime Free Apartments in Philadelphia


By Joy Michelle


Like many of the major cities on the East Coast, Philadelphia has access to some of the greatest art and culture venues in the world. Visitors and residents alike can experience the great masters at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, explore thousands of exotic plants at Longwood Gardens, or enjoy the works of the classic composers at Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts without ever leaving the city limits.


Because of its close proximity to New York City and Ellis Island, Philadelphia became a melting pot for many of the immigrants that swarmed to America over the last few centuries. The influx of so many people over the years has resulted in overcrowding in some parts of the city, and with overcrowding comes unemployment, poverty, and crime.


Philadelphia is the 6th largest city in the U.S., and like all big cities, it has more than its fair share of crime. New residents looking for Philadelphia apartment rentals will be well disposed to work with a local real estate agent or apartment locater to help them find a crime-free apartment in the Philadelphia area. Despite what you might think, there are apartments in the city that offer renters a safe, comfortable place to live, but knowing how to find those areas can be difficult-especially if you’re unfamiliar with Philadelphia.


The communities north of city center such as Manayunk and Fishtown have many older, out-of-date businesses and neglected residences. They also have the highest incidences of homelessness, poverty, and drugs in the city. In these areas, prostitution and violent crime are at much higher levels than in other parts of the city. While there have been some efforts to reclaim parts of this area, such as those in Brewerytown, most efforts have ground to a halt. Brewerytown has been drawing young professionals to the area with swanky, spacious lofts built above the renovated breweries along the Schuylkill River; but even this project has only been moderately successful.


If you’re drawn to the more historical part of the city with lots to do within walking distance, or if you are looking for something more modern and perhaps with a view of the city, you should look for Philadelphia apartment rentals in the downtown area. While, like any big city, you won’t be crime-free, neighborhoods in downtown Philly are relatively safe. Many of the newer high rise apartments have doormen or are gated. Most of the violent crime takes place in the northern sections of the city. Downtown, most crimes are break-ins and thefts with cars being the most common target. That said, many apartments in the downtown area have parking garages or monitored lots. Downtown units like The Enclaves, The Museum Towers, and Park Town Place Apartments have all taken measures to keep their tenants safe.


If you’re working with an agent, you can be confident that he or she will strive to show you Philadelphia apartments that offer amenities like doormen, on-site security staffs, coded entries, and other options that help keep the facility crime-free. If you’re doing your own search, enlist the advice of friends and acquaintances to steer you toward the apartments in Philadelphia that are in the safest neighborhoods.


Joy Michelle is an Internet marketing consultant and enjoys helping people find great products on the Internet. Please visit my website to read more reviews and information related to Philadelphia Apartments. View Philadelphia apartments complete with pictures, floor plans, pricing and more. Article Source:

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